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Welcome to Major Taylor Iron Riders (MTIR)


If you are visiting our page then you must be a cyclist. You are a person who craves the rush of riding your bike as the wind hits you in the face and the sun tans you skin.


The Major Taylor Iron Riders are a multi level cycling club that was founded in 2006. We have a touring team and a racing team. Our members can be found to come from all over the tri-state area. Our name honors Marshall "Major" Taylor, the first African American cycling champion and in 1899, the US Armies 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps known as the "Iron Riders".


If you really love cycling, then come join us. We look forward to seeing you on the road. JOIN MTIR TODAY.


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Welcome Members

Welcome Members
Welcome Members

Our Signature Rides

Major Taylor New Hope Ride
New Hope Ride
Photo credit: Brian Branch Price
From Newark to New Hope, PA (112 miles). MTCCNJ has done this ride for 40+ years, originally as L&M Tours and the tradition continues with the support of both MTIR & MTCCNJ. It is an event that you must attend if you want to continue the tradition of how cycling begun in Newark with friends and family as we come together with the sport we enjoy most, CYCLING!
Major Taylor Montauk Legend Ride
Photo credit:
Major Taylor Iron Riders is hosting The Legends Ride To Montauk. Join our amazing club for our annual 125 mile ride to the Montauk Lighthouse. Click on the link to learn more and register for this epic ride

This ride is not possible without our INCREDIBLE supporters. It's always a feeling of gratitude when a group wants to support this ride. Major Taylor Iron Riders is thankful for this year's partnerships.
Major Taylor On & Poppin
On & Poppin
Photo credit: unknown
This is one of our "Thrillogy" signature rides and it always brings the crowd. Its a straight shot to Princeton, NJ on flat roads. This is the ride to test stamina as you pedal with your fellow club members and our side of our sister chapter MTCCNJ. Make no mistake, this ride is fast and you may get "popped"!!

Major Taylor Bear Mountain Ride
Bear Mountain Ride
Photo credit: unknown
"Hills. We love them. We hate them. They make us strong. They make us weak. Today I chose to embrace hills." This is one of classic rides that everyone can find what they are looking for. The pace is always hot, so set your glutes for speed!
Major Taylor Apple Orchards Ride
Apple Orchard Ride
Photo credit: Mily Noyola
Its simple. Show up. Ride. It slated to be a cool day for our season opener but there is NO RAIN! Let's make this ride count.
Major Taylor Mid-Atlantic Ride
Major Taylor Mid-Atlantic Ride
Photo credit: Mily Noyola
The East Coast Major Taylor Clubs present you with the Annual Major Taylor Mid-Atlantic Ride. There will be cyclists from NY, NJ, DC, DE, OH, PA and others joining in on this epic ride. You are in for a delightful ride. As promised we are returning with both a short and longer routes, support vehicles, rest stops and road markings.

Our Annual Rides

Major Taylor Rockland Lake Ride
Rockland Lake Ride
Photo credit: Lin-Yu Wen
Get ready to stretch those legs and fire up those hamstrings! Iron Riders are rolling to the beautiful Rockland Lake. On this journey, you will get a taste of everything. Hills, flats, fast downhills and after you arrive, grab a quick bite lakeside. The estimated distance is approximately 60 miles, from Strictly's.
Major Taylor Greenwich with David & Henry
Greenwich with David & Henry
Photo credit: Lin-Yu Wen
Think you're in shape? Think again! David and Henry's true test of fitness and grit has returned. Get yourselves together for a ride that makes you step up or shut up. But no ride comes without its challenges. Expect your glutes and hamstrings to be put to the test. Once you escape the city for the open roads of Connecticut, you'll see why David Whitehead makes this area his training grounds.
Major Taylor Skyline Drive with Henry & David
Skyline Drive with Henry & David 
Photo credit: Mily Noyola 
Henry & David are going the full distance this year. If you were there last year, you know what to expect. For the adventure seekers out there who want to step up their game, here's your ride! NOTE: On & Poppin and New Hope are just around the corner. This ride is THE perfect ride to get those legs ready!

Major Taylor Smoothie Ride
Smoothie Ride
Photo credit: Lin-Yu Wen 
This ride is guaranteed to be fun. We will pedal a spirited spin to our very own Patrick Saunders’ Nanuet Creamery & Crepes shop. He has opened his doors to us and after a good ride heading north, a delicious smoothie and crepe awaits you. Everyone is encouraged to join as we like to support each other’s business ventures. Not to mention, you will be energized for the ride back!
Major Taylor Kevin McNeil's Kick Ass Ride
Kevin McNeil's Kick Ass Ride 
Photo credit: Kevin McNeil 
If you missed it last year, don't be left out this year. Step up to the plate and test your "iron" with NY best cyclist. Kevin guided a fantastic ride last year and will be sure to give you the same pain. I meant fun! If you plan on doing Montauk, this is the perfect ride to get you ready. No route provided other than you will be heading to the Orchards. This is an A+ ride.
Major Taylor's Birthday Ride
Major Taylor's Birthday Ride
Photo credit: Mily Noyola
Description coming soon...

Major Taylor Point Lookout Ride
Point Lookout Ride
Photo credit: Dereka Hendon 
Did someone say flat?? Want to get off 9W for a change? Join your fellow club riders for a spin to Pt. Lookout. Its a fast and direct ride. Expected terrain is flats with a few bumps. Approximate distance is 55 miles.
Major Taylor Westbury Ride
Westbury Ride
Photo credit: Lin-Yu Wen 
Your one and only, Founding Father himself Mel Corbett is leading. You all will be in wonderful hands!
Major Taylor Port Jefferson Ride
Port Jefferson Ride
Photo credit: Dereka Hendon
Calling all the heavy hitters! Port Jefferson is here. This is an A ride. The pace will be brisk and the distance will be approximately 85-90 miles, depending on your starting location. This isn't for the faint of heart, so bring your A game!